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2011 Absolute Memorabilia Football Break

November 3, 2011

Absolute Ahmad Bradshaw

There’s always a lot of interest when Absolute is released, and it has been one of the premier products for many years now. But just how does this years product stack up ? Here’s the analysis of our box.

What you’ll get – 4 Cards per Pack, 4 Packs per Box. Box Price Range – High $150+

Base Veteran Cards – 8

Printed on the usual foil stock, the base cards have nice clear photo’s of the player with a team color inspired background. The lower section of the player photo fades away to the bottom names and branding, presumably to allow the placement of a AUTO stickers should the card need one.

Base Rookie Cards – 2

(1 Round 5 pick and 1 Round 7 pick)

Base RC’s are numbered out of /399 and have Rookie wording running vertical up the right hand side edge of the card.

Inserts and Parallels – 2

1 Silver Spectrum Rookie /50 (Round 4 pick)

1 War Room Rookie Insert /50 (Round 3 pick)

Spectrum parallels make a return and feature Spectrum wording above the player name and in some cases a change in the foil color at the base of the card. War Room and other inserts come in various forms, some autographed, some with memorabilia swatches.

Game Used and Autographs -4

1 Prime Absolute Patches /25 Ahmad Bradshaw

1 Spectrum Rookie Autograph /299 Allen Bradford (Round 6 pick)

1 Rookie Premiere Materials Signatures /49 Greg Little (Round 2 pick)

1 Tools of the Trade Green Signature Triple Materials /10 Chad Henne

Absolute is well know for it’s serious commitment to bring the collector good sized game used swatches and the Ahmad Bradshaw card we pulled certainly lives up to that commitment. Probably the highlight card of the box featuring what looks to be the top of the A from his jersey lettering of Br”A”dshaw. Complete with dirt and scuffing, this one really looks game used.

Terribly autograph on the Greg Little card, but the overall design is neat and clean.

The Triple Materials Signature is very disappointing. As a /10 card you’d think it’d rate an on card Autograph, but it’s a dreaded sticker. Won’t veterans sign on card ?

Final thoughts –

Our box was certainly saved by the Bradshaw patch, without it I think we would have been very disappointed. Still not a great box though, no high draft picks or big stars. Oh and it came in with a Rams Factor count of 0%, so no PC adds for me. Think a good friend could use the Henne though.

Eye Candy –

2 Comments leave one →
  1. November 16, 2011 6:39 pm

    Would you be interested in selling me the Ahmad Bradshaw?

  2. ausram66 permalink
    November 16, 2011 8:09 pm

    PJ, I’ve just sent you an email.

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