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2011 Press Pass Legends NASCAR Box Break

November 8, 2011

2011 Legends Kyle Busch Prominent Pieces OversizeSo by now you might be forgiven for noticing a lack of any substantial mention of the other sport this blog is supposed to be about, and that’s NASCAR. The reasons for my being a fan of NASCAR will no doubt be covered at some stage in the on going “My Story” category, but enough about that stuff, how about we just look at some cards ??

Press Pass Legends highlights the past greats and rich heritage that today’s NASCAR racing is built on. It’s been a highly anticipated release for the past few years, and I have to admit, Press Pass do a great job of delivering good product to the fans, and haven’t let us down yet. As a relatively new follower of NASCAR, I didn’t know a whole lot about the “Golden Days”, but last years Legends set helped rectify that and I liked the design so much that I bought two boxes. How will I go with this years ? Let’s see…

What you’ll get – 3 Mini Boxes with 6 packs in each. 5 cards in each pack. Box Price Range – Med to High – $125+

Base Veteran Cards – 60

The base set is actually made up of five subsets. There’s Legendary Drivers, Current drivers (these are marked with an L or C foil logo respectively). Trophy Room which celebrates some of the most winning drivers, past and present, and then there’s Legendary Leaders, cards of the Drivers who have left a true mark on the sport. Lastly there’s “Inside Scoop” which celebrates significant moments in the history of racing.

The design of the cards are clean and the quality top notch. If I had one small complaint, it’s the foil checkered flag area at the bottom of the card. Depending on how the card is cut, there is sometimes the tiniest bit of white checker visible on the extreme lower right hand corner/tip of the card. Unfortunately this actually gives the card the appearance of having a “ding” in that corner. Not a big ‘un, but annoying all the same. (See the Tony Stewart scan for an example of this)

I’m sure some will moan about the appearance of Danica Patrick in a set called Legends. But the lady is fine with me and some day I’m sure the hype and interest Danica has bought to the sport will looked back on as a good thing for NASCAR, no matter how successful her driving career turns out to be.

Base Rookie Cards – 0

Technically the Trevor Bayne card is a RC, but in all honesty it’s all about the legends of the sport here folks.

Inserts and Parallels – 19

You’ll pull a good number of parallels and inserts in your box of Legends. Looks like all base cards can be found in numbered foil versions also. /250 are Gold, /99 are Red and /25 are Holofoil. Inserts also come in /199 Brushed Metal and /50 Holofoil parallels.

7 Gold Foil Parallels /250 Kasey Kahne, Tony Stewart, John Force, Harry Gant, Geoff Bodine, Dale Earnhardt Snr (Legendary Leaders), Bobby Allison (Trophy Room)

2 Red Foil Parallels /99 – Trevor Bayne, Benny Parsons

1 Holofoil Parallel /25 – Kasey Kahne

5 Motorsports Masters Inserts – Jimmie Johnson, Darrell Waltrip, Rusty Wallace, David Pearson, John Force

2 Pacing the Field Inserts – Jeff Gordon, Richard Petty

1 Brushed Metal Insert Parallel /199 – Terry Labonte (Motorsports Master)

1 Holofoil Insert Parallel /50 – Mark Martin (Pacing the Field) This is a nice green refractor type card…but the scanner hates it and turns it pink!

The inserts look good but I’m not so sure about all the parallels. A change of foil color and a stamped number is a bit too subtle of a difference for my liking.

Race Used and Autographs -6

1 Lasting Legacies Silver Memorabilia /199 – Davey Allison Firesuit

1 Lasting Legacies Gold Memorabilia /50 – Ernie Irvan Firesuit

1 Prominent Pieces Oversize Edition Holofoil /25 – Kyle Busch Patch (nice PC hit)

1 Base Autograph /50 – David Pearson

1 Base Autograph /45 – Shirley Muldowney

1 Motorsports Masters Autograph /25 – Harry Gant “Mr September”

The Busch card is fantastic featuring a large chunk of the M&M’s logo. As I write this “Rowdy” Busch has just come off a weekend of being sat down by NASCAR after wrecking Sam Hornish Jr during a yellow flag in the truck race. He’s a character with a wild side and also a heck of a driver, all good reasons why I collect Kyle.

The other race used are a little disappointing, the Irvan and Allison strike me as quite plain unfortunately.

Three nice low number Autographs and an inscription on the Gant were nice. Also very happy to pull an auto of “The Silver Fox” in David Pearson.

Final thoughts –

Legends is a really interesting set, and the structure of the set makes you actually look at the cards. While this years cards are quite neat to look at, I think I prefer last years design by the smallest margin, only because they looked a bit more old fashioned or antique like that the name Legends implies. That being said I’m already looking forward to my second box of 2011 Press Pass Legends.

Eye Candy –

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