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2011 Topps Chrome Football Box Break

November 8, 2011

2011 Topps Chrome Felix Jones Crystal Atomic RefractorSo just what is Topps Chrome ? Seems to me it has always suffered a bit of an identity crisis. Is it a major upgrade to the good old Topps base set, or is it a poor mans Finest ? Lets have a squiz ! (In case you were wondering, that’s Aussie slang for ‘take a look’)

What you’ll get – 24 Packs, 4 cards per Pack. One Autograph per box. Box Price Range Price – Medium but climbing- $65 to $80+

Base Veteran Cards – 38

2011 Topps Chrome base cards looks a bit like every other years Topps Chrome. Same stock and with a design straight from the base product. This years design is pretty good though.

Base Rookie Cards – 37

7 Round 1 Picks

8 Round 2 Picks

4 Round 3 Picks

6 Round 4 Picks

7 Round 5 Picks

3 Round 6 Picks

2 Round 7 Picks

Base RC’s aren’t numbered. There are apparently 25 SP Variation RC’s that show the player in a different pose. Significant RC’s we pulled were Jake Locker and Cam Newton.

Inserts and Parallels – 21

Yep, there’s a lot of them !

8 Base Refractors ( 4 Veterans – Tom Brady, Anquan Boldin, Darrelle Revis, Jay Cutler,  4 Rookies – Nathan Enderle, Gabe Carimi, D.J. Williams, Andy Dalton)

1 Black Refractor /299 – Christian Ponder

1 Blue Refractor/199 – Marques Colston

1 Crystal Atomic Refractor /139 – Felix Jones

2 Bowman Chrome Rookies – Kyle Rudolph, Ryan Williams

4 Finest Freshman – Andy Dalton, Jordan Todman, Vincent Brown, Ryan Williams

2 Rookie Recognition – Titus Young, Andy Dalton

1 Superlative Rookies Die Cut – Bilal Powell

The many colored refractors are a staple of Chrome that we’ve come to love, and sometimes even chase. Not sure of the need for both Finest Freshman and Rookie Recognition – one Rookie subset might have sufficed. Some of the inserts may also be found in Refractor, Die Cut and Auto’s versions.

Autographs –

1 Rookie Autographed Refractor /99 Austin Pettis

How nice are these Chrome on-card Rookie Auto’s ? Way better than a sticker, and even better still when you get a PC hit (a Rams player in my case). Memorabilia cards seem very rare in this years Chrome.

Final thoughts –

Well in the end, Chrome is Chrome. It’s not the flashy sports car of Finest, or the economical town run-about of Topps base. It’s more the slightly hotted up V6, four door sedan that can do all the family stuff on the weekend and still look pretty cool. And this is why we buy it, you get some bang for your buck, but don’t feel too guilty after busting a box. Seems everyone is buying it too, boxes have gone up US$15 from the release price in just two weeks. But we were impressed enough to order another box anyway. Our Ram factor was only 2 cards, so something less than 2 %. But one was an Autograph, so there are no complaints here.

Buy a box and you’ll get a good bunch of rookies and a heap of parallel trade bait. You will even have a shot at a 1/1 Autograph Superfractor, but be warned the Cam Newton Auto Superfractor has already been pulled and currently sits on Ebay with an asking price of US$12,000 !!!

Cam Newton Superfractor 1/1 AUTO

Eye Candy –

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