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2011 Press Pass FanFare NASCAR (Racing) Box Break

November 13, 2011

Tony Stewart FanFare Magnificent MaterialsOkay, so this isn’t our first break of Press Pass FanFare NASCAR here at Passing Games, it’s actually our 4th, but the first we’re able to post. The fact it’s our fourth might give you an indication of just how popular this release has been. Press Pass have had a big hit with NASCAR collectors with this new product. FanFare guarantees a hit a pack, be it either a race used memorabilia card, or an Autograph, or even a combination of both!

What you’ll get – 8 packs in each hobby box, 4 containing an Autograph (at least one Sprint Cup Driver), 4 containing a race used card.As a bonus each box contains a single card bonus pack containing either a Race Used card or an Autograph. 5 cards in each pack.

Box Price Range – Med to High – $107+

Base Veteran Cards – 18

FanFare offers up a mix of current drivers from all 3 series of NASCAR (Truck, Nationwide and Sprint) as well as previous greats of the sport. The photo choice is top notch and the design is neat and clean. At first there appears to be an overabundance of gold foil on the cards, but you do get used to it. Backs of the cards feature a short blurb about the drivers and another photo.

Base Rookie Cards – 0

None of the cards are actually marked as rookies, but I’d assume that some of the Camping World Truck drivers may be getting their first card in this set.

Inserts and Parallels – 19

Here’s where things really get interesting amongst FanFare.

There is a standard Holofoil Hobby die cut set seeded at one card per pack, as well as Silver /25 non die cut versions seeded randomly. There are also Emerald /25 and Ruby /15 die cut versions only available to case buying hobby stores. Retail packs contain a Blue foil die cut. Got all that ? Good!

All this has meant there’s been a lot of action amongst collectors trying to get their drivers in the different versions, or trying to build a Hobby Die cut set which has also proved very popular

8 Holofoil Die Cuts – (Dale Jarrett, Josh Wise, Kevin Conway, Mike Wallace, Steve Wallace, Parker Kligerman, Miguel Paludo, Benny Parson)

8 Championship Caliber Inserts – (Bobby Labonte, Dale Jarrett, Rusty Wallace, Benny Parsons, Rex White, Clint Bowyer, Martin Truex Jr, Bobby Labonte II)

2 Rookie Standouts – (Jamie McMurray, Jeff Burton)

So a bit of variety here, that’s for sure. To complicate matters, there are a number of short prints in the die cuts and inserts and they are proving quite difficult for collectors to nail down. Maybe a little too difficult, we’ve bought 4 boxes and I don’t believe we’ve pulled on yet! We missed out on a silver in this box, but have had up to 4 in other boxes, so they certainly are random.

Race Used and Autographs -9

This is what FanFare is all about. With a hit per pack, Race Used and Auto’s abound!

1 Magnificent Materials /225 – David Reutimann (Firesuit)

2 Magnificent Materials /199 – Ricky Carmichael (Shoes), Jame Beuscher (Tire) (The Buescher was from the bonus pack and is his Door #)

2 Magnificent Materials /50 Holofoil – Timmy Hill (Tire), Tony Stewart (Sheet Metal)

1 Maginficent Materials Signature Edition Holofoil /25 Brendan Gaughan (Auto/Firesuit)

1 Bronze FanFare Autograph /250 – Timothy Peters

2 Gold FanFare Autographs – /150 Johanna Long, /50 Greg Biffle

Not too shabby. Some nice multicolours in the Race Used cards.  Think I counted 7 colours on the Tony Stewart.

Perhaps my single annoyance with this whole set is the use of the same driver photo in the various levels of the Race Used and Autographs.  In the Auto’s there is a slight background change in the signing area for the different level cards – some have the Series logo, other a shadow photo of the driver, but it would have been so much better to have a totally different driver photo. Same goes for the magnificent materials. The same driver photo is used on all levels for that driver, single or dual swatch, holofoil or  even the signature version. I think some of the more scarce versions deserve a different photo.

The only other concern I have is whether there were actually too many Autographs in this release ? Is there now a glut of the lower end auto’s that no one is really collecting? Looking at the ebay completed listings and I’m not sure that Autographs being sold for sub $1 or $2 prices is particularly good for the hobby ? Perhaps, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, next time only 2 of the 8 packs should be guaranteed Autographs and the other 6 Race used ? What do you think ? Leave a comment below!

Final thoughts –

I think the collectors had spoken and Press Pass listened. The hit per pack concept was greeted very happily by collectors, and I don’t think I’ve seen hobbyists chasing so many inserts and parallels in a long time.  Hopefully it’s been a success for Press Pass also, and we can all look forward to more great sets like FanFare !

Eye Candy –

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