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2011 Topps Platinum Football Box Break

November 28, 2011

2011 Platinum Christian PonderI really liked last year’s Platinum, so giving this year’s product another go was really a bit of a no-brainer. It shapes up to be one of the years better releases that, while not exactly cheap, does deliver some nice hits, as well as a decent swag of Rookies and a good pile of veterans for an affordable price.

What you’ll get – 20 Packs, 5 cards per Pack. Two Rookie on card Autographs and one Autograph Refractor Patch Relic per box. Box Price Range –  High $110+

Base Veteran Cards – 53

The 2011 Platinum base set actually looks a bit better than last years I think. They look a little less metallic and just that bit more subtle, and that’s probably a good thing.

Base Rookie Cards – 9

3 Round 1 Picks

1 Round 3 Pick

2 Round 4 Picks

2 Round 5 Picks

1 Round 6 Picks

Base RC’s are actually all refractors. But then again, the base cards are very refractor like anyway. They’re un-numbered. We did okay with RC’s of 1st rounders Christian Ponder, A.J. Green and Prince Amukamara .

Inserts and Parallels – 30

That’s a lot of Parallels and Inserts, but it’s padded by the thick bronze version veteran parallel you’ll get in each pack that doesn’t contain a patch card. No more Platinum lettering on the thick parallels either, which I think is an improvement on last years release.

19 Base Veteran Thick Bronze Parallels

2 Green Veteran Parallels – Cedric Benson, Santonio Holmes

1 Red Veteran Parallel – Troy Polamalu

1 Die Cut Veteran – Michael Vick

5 Xfractor Rookie Parallels – Aldon Smith, Von Miller, Shane Vereen, Leonard Hankerson, Taiwan Jones

1 Green Rookie Parallel /499 – Jerrel Jernigan

1 Purple Rookie Parallel /99 – Julio Jones

1 Superlative Rookies Die Cut – Bilal Powell

Not quite sure why the Xfractor Rookies didn’t get numbered along with the colors.

Autographs and Game Used – 3

1 Rookie Autographed Refractor /1000 – Virgil Green

1 Rookie Autographed Refractor REDEMPTION – Darvin Adams

1 Autograph Refractor Patch Relic /356 – Bilal Powell

Don’t you just love redemptions ? No really, you don’t ?? Of course not, but alas they seem to be here to stay. I’m sure it’s a mammoth logistical nightmare gathering all the signatures back from the players and we can’t delay the release because pick 280 in the draft didn’t send back his cards yet. So us collectors just have to put up with it I guess. We just need to hope that the card makers customer service is up to scratch. Topps haven’t been too bad to me in this regard.

( Unlike Panini whose QA department seem to take delight in messing their good customers around. I’m sure you’ll notice the ratio of  Topps products being broken on here compared to Panini products is strongly in Topps favor, and there’s a good reason for that.  Almost twelve months (and counting) to wait for a replacement of a missing hit in a box of 2010 Absolute after doing everything asked is just plain poor service.)

One thing I didn’t like about the hits is that they can manage to get the Rookies to sign 1000 on card Autos, but the patch card (which is a nice card btw) that is only out of 356 only rates a sticker Auto ? How much better would the patches be as a display item were the Auto on card ?

Final thoughts –

Platinum was a fun favorite last year, and this years is even better. I had lousy luck as far as Rams go with this product as I got one lonely base card and nothing else. Motivation to buy another box I’m sure, but they’re actually looking very scarce at the moment, so not sure what’s going on there…

Eye Candy –

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