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2011 Panini Timeless Treasures Football Box (Tin?) Break

December 1, 2011

2011 Timeless Treasures Lance Kendricks AutographI must admit I have an aversion to products that deliver less cards in a box than I have fingers.

I’m also slowly building up an aversion to all things Panini as they drag out an outstanding QA (for a shorted Auto) request from 2010 Absolute into it’s second year, even after I’ve jumped through all the hoops they’ve thrown at me. They really need to take a leaf out of say Press Pass’s book who turned around a QA request in 3 weeks !! That’s not 53 weeks Panini, they did it in just 21 days !! What’s your excuse ?

Seems I must be trying to rip off Panini or something, even though until recently I was spending thousands of dollars on their products and have only ever made this one QA request. Maybe if you got it right in the first place Panini, you wouldn’t need to worry about the QA requests !

So if you’re still with me after that mini rant, you’re probably wondering why I bought one of their products ? Well, two reasons. One, it was cheaper than I’d seen it, and two, buying it gave me a reason to have a whinge about their QA Customer Service on here ! 😉 Besides, maybe we’ll have better luck with a Panini product this time….or not.

Anyway, on to the Box/pack/tin. It actually comes in a pretty neat looking little tin, although it’s pretty empty in there….

What you’ll get – 5 Cards per Pack, 1 Pack per Box. Box Price Range – Low to Medium $60+ (Average price per card – EXTREME! $12+) The product blurb says there are “Three Autographs or Game Used Memorabilia cards inside” and supposedly you are guaranteed at least one Autograph. Not surprisingly, we got exactly that, one Autograph.

Base Veteran Cards – 1

We got one /499 base card of Matt Ryan. Base design is pretty good, looking like an upper class “playoff” type card

Base Rookie Cards – 0

No Base Rookies in our tin, but I believe they do exist…

Inserts and Parallels – 1

1 Silver Veteran Base Parallel /99 Ryan Fitzpatrick

Nothing particularly different about these, just a different foil and numbering range.

Game Used and Autographs – 3

1 2011 HOF Jersey /99 – Shannon Sharpe

1 Gameday Souvenirs /99 – Santonio Holmes

1 Rookie Signatures Autograph /299 – Lance Kendricks

Well, the Kendricks Auto was nice for me as I’m first and foremost a Rams collector, so it’s a nice PC hit. It’s also a nice big white faux pigskin swatch that has allowed a good signature. Somewhat reminiscent of the old Playoff/Threads Hoggs autos from days gone by.

The other two cards are just okay, Shannon Sharpe was a heck of a player and Holmes isn’t bad either. That said, the swatches are rather small and both are single color – would have expected more from a five card per box pack, at least one multi color would have been nice.

The Sharpe is essentially a sepia toned base card with the swatch added as an afterthought. The Holmes looks like it was built around a swatch, but with a plain white swatch on a very grey card, it’s overall appearance is a bit bland. Add to this the rather dubious aging effect that’s been applied to the bottom of the card which looks more like a printing ink smear than anything else, and the card really starts to look a bit ordinary. I did a Google image search and it seems that this effect is present in all the “Gameday Souvenirs” and always appears in the one section of the bottom edge. It really adds nothing to the card and in fact detracts from the overall look to the point of making the card look faulty. Which begs the question – why bother with it at all?

Final thoughts –

I’m afraid our Timeless Treasures tin failed to impress us at all. The Kendricks was a nice PC hit, but I’m sure I could have picked it up on ebay as a single for a lot less and I doubt there’s much value in the rest of the cards either monetary or as trade.  Pretty sure that better products could have been had for our $60.

Eye Candy –

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