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2012 Press Pass Racing (NASCAR) Box Break

January 8, 2012

Jimmie Johnson 4 WideHappy New Year! It’s 2012 already!

2012 Press Pass Racing is out and while it’s the low end product for racing fans, the big set and great photography always make it fun to break. So lets take a look..

What you’ll get – 30 packs in each hobby box, 6 cards in each pack. One Race Used Memorabilia card in every box. Auto’s are inserted randomly across the release, but not guranteed per box.

Box Price Range – Low- $60+

Base  Cards – 146

Base cards feature a nice clear crisp driver photo, with their name and series they are running in across the bottom. The font used differs between the series, so it’s quite easy to tell a Cup driver from a Truck driver should you ever need to! A number of subset also make up the main set. Front Runners highlight the drivers who have taken the Pole Position throughout the year. Head of the Class highlights the winning drivers of the year and 2011 Highlights funnily enough highlights some miletones that have been set through the year. And to round things off, the Transporters return with their own subset.

The overall photography in this set is second to none, and some of the photo’s chosen for the various subsets are pretty fantastic. Maybe it’s all just appealing to the Photographer in me, because sometimes I think we need to get away from all the graphical additions to cards and have photo’s that actually catch the eye with no other help, and  Press Pass has done that very well with this release. Check out some of the shots below to see what I mean.

Inserts and Parallels – 35

Sounds like a lot. But Break them down and it’s not too bad.

10 Gold Parallels –  Gold Foil version of base cards. These are un-numbered.

1 Blue Foil Parallel – About one per box I believe. We got Kust Busch’s A. J. Allmendinger’s #22  Penske Racing Transporter

13 Snaphots  – Replacing last years Winning ticket, these are a more casual Driver photo on a small card, complete with SP’s to chase – a pretty neat concept!

2 Prereferred Line Inserts – Foil board cards with a full length driver photo and a ghost like image of their car behind them. A little hard to make out the background, but the cards aren’t too bad. The one thing I do hate about them is that they are near impossible to keep clean. Any fingerprints or smudges are a pain to remove, so handle very carefully. We pulled Joey Logano and Dale Earnhardt Jr.

3 Showcar Inserts – Again, a foil card, although the backgrounds are a bit easier to make out on these. The main photo is og the car and the background is of the driver. Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch and Dake Earnhardt Jr made our box.

2 Showman Inserts – Another foil card, these are essentially the flip of the Showcar inserts with a driver photo and car in the background. With these, there probably wan’t really a need for the Preferred Line insert which is practically the same card,  just with a full length driver photo ?

1 Nascar Hall of Fame Insert – This year it looks to be Cale Yarborough and Darrell Waltrip. We got a Cale Yarborough base.

2 Nascar Hall of Fame Holofoil Inserts / 50 – We did well scoring 2 of the scarcer Holofoil NHOF parallel cards. One of Waltrip and one of Yarborough.

1 Cup Chase predictor competition card – Jeff Burton

Race Used and Autographs -1

Now ever since I started collecting NASCAR I’ve been hearing and seeing people pull these cards called ‘4 Wide’  from various Press Pass products which feature 4 different pieces of Race Used Memorabilia on them. They’re relatively scarce as far as inserts go, and I’ve always wanted to pull one of my own. Many, many boxes later and I still hadn’t managed to get hold of one. But with this box, my luck finally changed. Better still it was of a driver I collect.

1 “4 Wide” Race Used – Jimmie Johnson (Glove,Tire,Sheet Metal and Firesuit) /25

A nice first 4 Wide indeed, getting Mr “Five Time” himself ! The Firesuit swatch really makes the card as it has part of the Firesuit makers logo on it.

No Auto’s in our box this time around.

Final thoughts –

You can’t be disappointed in Press Pass 2012, the quality is there, even for a low end set. My only complaint is that it comes out a bit too early to be a full season review (Nov 2011). Couldn’t it be the first release of 2012 that actually comes out in 2012 ? A February release date would have given Press Pass the chance to really cover the whole season.

Anyway, our box was great and all in all this product is very well worth your $60

Eye Candy –

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