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2014 Press Pass FIVE STAR Racing (NASCAR) Box Break

February 25, 2014

2014fsdejWelcome back ! We apologise for the break in transmission. Life gets in the way sometimes. But lets see if we can’t get things going here again.

To mark the return of Passing Games, we opened a very special product. Press Pass Five Star Racing. Without a doubt, this is the highest end product in Racing

What you’ll get – 5 Cards. 1 booklet Autograph/Memorabilia card /15 or less. 1 Autograph memorabilia card /50 or less, 1 Autograph card /10 or less and 1 Base card /15 or less. There’s a chance to pull a fantastic “NASCAR 50 Greatest Drivers” signed lithograph. It was signed in 1999, so has some Greats on it that are no longer with us. There’s also a random appearance of Jack Nicklaus autographs as an added bonus in some boxes.

Box Price Range – Very High $500+

Base  Cards – 1

Let’s face it, Five Star is the ultimate high end release when it comes to Press Pass Racing products. As such, you really aren’t too fussed about base. In fact, you probably don’t really want base at all ! Base in Five Star are numbered out of 15. We were lucky enough to pull a Kyle Busch parallel numbered out of 5.

Booklet Autograph/Memorabilia card – 1

Our booklet was okay. We did get a decent driver in Kevin Harvick, but it was a low end /10 booklet with a single color plain black swatch that really has no place being in a product of this caliber. The booklets are nice cards, but Press Pass really needs to do more if they want collectors to buy their high end products. The argument that there will always have to be less attractive cards might work for most releases, but not when the box is $500+ ! All hits should in a product like this should be eye catching.

Race Used and Autographs – 3

We did pretty well here, snagging some of NASCAR’s more popular drivers and the cards themselves are nicely done. A low numbered Dale Earnhardt Jr Autograph is always welcome, and we had nice multi color swatches on the “Cousin” Carl Edwards Autograph and “Six Pack” Jimmie Johnson Memorabilia cards

Final thoughts –

Is there a market for such a high end product ? Seems so as Press Pass say they’ve sold out the release. Personally, while our box was decent, there just isn’t enough to distinguish Five Star from other products such as Showcase which are near a quarter the price. An Auto booklet card in Five Star really isn’t much different from the Auto booklets that have been in the last few Showcase releases. Personally I think what’s missing most from Five Star is innovation and effort. Innopvation in the form of something different in the cards themselves, and effort in making Five Star something so much more than any other release and therefore justifying the very high price tag. Our thoughts are the price point for Five Star is just too high. It should be closer to $350.

Eye Candy –

Thought we’d do things a little different this time. Here’s my first attempt at a video break. Enjoy!


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