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2013 Topps Five Star Football Box Break

October 26, 2014

Marcus Allen Autograph

We hadn’t tried breaking a box of “High End” NFL, so figured we were about due. Having always preferred Five Star over National Treasures for some reason, we decided to do a break of the 2013 product.

What you’ll get – 7 Cards – (3 Base, 2 Autographs, 1 Autograph Relic, 1 Relic card). 1 booklet Autograph/Memorabilia card

Box Price Range – High $280+

Base  Cards – 3

Base cards are clean and crisp. They’re on very thick stock. Numbering of each card is a bit strange, being /208

Booklet Autograph/Memorabilia card

We pulled a Five Star Futures 4 piece Autographed booklet card of Kenny Stills, numbered 2/38 (There’s that odd numbering again) The disappointing thing with this card is that there are four pieces of Relic/Jersey on this card, and all four are black. Surely for a high end product like this, Topps could have found some different color swatches to use ? Away Jerseys ? A piece of gold number perhaps? And Kenny, how about signing more than just “KS” ?

Base Autographs – 2

These on card Auto’s do look very nice. While getting Kniles Davis (/130), who obviously went to Kenny Still’s autograph school, was a little disappointing, pulling a Marcus Allen autograph (/118) was a nice return to the early days when we first started watching the NFL. He was a great player, and I think of him more as a Raider than a Chief, so good to see him in the Silver and Black.

Autograph/Patch Card -0*

*Well technically we did get one, but it’s in that dreaded form of a Redemption. It’s for a Five Star Rookie Auto Patch of Ezekiel Ansah. Topps are good with redemptions if they have the cards, but if they don’t, they are terrible with updating and in looking after their customers. We’ve had book cards relaced with single autos and we still have 5 James Laurinaitus 2013 Finest redemptions (all from one case – great collation Topps!) that have had no action since early 2013! Yet there are examples of the cards on Ebay – What gives Topps ??

Jumbo Jersey Relic -1

Nice colors on the /25 Mike Glennon patch. But these days with the disclaimer on the back – who knows where or what it’s from ? Does it have any association with Glennon, or is it just something Topps chopped up to put in cards ? Sometimes I think we collectors are well and truly being had these days.

Final thoughts –

2013 Topps Five Star is a nice product. At the current prices (about $280) get the right box and you’ll be happy. Get a mediocre box like ours, and you probably won’t be. For a product of this price, I think a lot more effort needs to go into the booklets especially. Four swatches, all single color and all the same color just shouldn’t happen in a product of this calibre.

Video of the Break

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